Thursday, 24 March 2011


Here's where the magic happens:

Made a wee make up bag for a mate... if you're interested; HOLLA.


ECHELON hats now available. Unisex. £10 + P&P.

Email to order via Paypal.

Handmade lovingly.

Wow - didn't realise how 80's these photos looked!

Love ya babes'

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! New Album coming from Little Dragon.

Our first taster in the form of 'Ritual Union'.


I KNOW the sun's only been out for mere hours but stumbled across these beaut bikinis (Lisa Marie Fernandez) and thought i'd share them to give us some inspiration!

Also a one piece for those of us not feeling up to the challenge (ME ME ME)

Oooo yes. Nice 90s wetsuit vibe to pull you in in all the right places. Wack on either of these:

...and Bob's your Uncle!

If you've got an African sarong lying around even better.

In the mean time... I'll have to do way more sit up's along to this:


Sunday, 13 March 2011


New ECHELON POM POM earrings in; new colours ya'll! Handmade lovingly.

£8 + P&P. Email to order via Paypal invoice.

Check out my new Nath (Indian nose ring)!

Bonne nuit <3

Saturday, 12 March 2011


Bargain hunting for the spring, some clobber off the ASOS Africa collection for you to peruse. African patterned fabric on good shaped garms - similar to ECHELON T-shirts.


Been watching this new series of late.... 'The Killing'. Danish crime thriller. CANNOT stress enough how much you need to watch it. Sarah Lund is our protagonist, a good one at that.

The murder investigation spans over 20 days (20 one hour episodes; that won't seem daunting once you've watch the first ten minutes). Jealous if you haven't already started it. Broadcasts each Saturday but you'll need to catch up on iPlayer first (1st one's not on there sorry! I ain't good at finding streaming links).

Peace X

Friday, 11 March 2011


Looked back at some of Karen O's stage costumes today.... haven't seen or thought about them in AGES. The woman behind them is Christian Joy. Here are some of my fave's:

She did five costumes based off of the wild things and Max from the book and film 'Where The Wild Things Are'. They were displayed at Space 15 Twenty in LA ages ago then sold. Ain't they nice to look at though? I've always wanted a Max costume.... a proper one. Some colourful examples for your mince pies:

Have a bop to this (we're missing them tonight in Lunden):


So good.


I do like this.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Clive Peach just showed me this little GEM he found on Big Cartel: Tano Design. The name derives from the meaning of Tano; 'Five', representing the 5 values of design: Dignity, Confidence, Global Advocacy, Innovation, & Social Justice.

Some of the proceeds from every product sold are contributed to South Kivu Women's Media Association in the Democratic Republic of Congo (AFEM). Nice to know you're doing your (tiny) bit ay.

They do tee's and prints, here are my fave's:

Aren't they easy on the eye! Enjoy peeps <3